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Seeing how the best way to party on this site today seems to be to tell your DA story I'mma join in on this hot party action!
So! DA story time! (So many explanation marks :iconotlplz: )
Now I know there's gonna be some of you out there thinking, "S.S, what DA story? You've only been on here for a year you goof."
That's true, but I've always looked on this site for advice and inspiration since I started drawing all those years ago. And it's because of two users on this site that I became an artist~
I found these two around 6th grade :iconbleedman: and :iconunknown-person: their work just inspired me so much and made me want to create. For the rest of middle school I drew a butt ton and tried making my own stories. None of them really lasted for long, I'd just get bored of the idea or characters. That was untill in 7th grade, when I got the idea for Grimora. Somehow I didn't drop this story. This story was special, and so it lived. It's blossomed into something I would have never even dreamed of back then and I am so happy I never did scap this story.
Anywaysss tho, I never did end up making a DA account until recently for a few reasons.
1.) I just didn't feel like my stuff was good enough to be on this site for the longest time :B
2.) I wanted to do digital stuff for this site, and it wasn't until 8th grade that I could.
And 3.) I just had this strange idea to only make an account once I started High School. but once I did get my tablet I figured, "Ayy it's DA time here and now,"  and so made an account quickly after I could manage my tablet decently. :V
Before my account I sorta just ... stalked pages of artist I liked I guess. And now with my account I can still do that, but without the hassle of checking every few weeks only to see they haven't updated ohohoho
There's also the plus that this site has helped me improve and find great new artist as well as gotten me to explore the art community~
But ay, here's to more years of improvement for all of us, happy B-day DA~


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United States
Hello! I'm Madeline -I also go by Maddie or S.S- I'm an artist and writer who's a big dork.

Likes- OCs, the 1920's, anything Disney, and using dated words like golly and goofball to express myself.

Have some stamps that describe meeee~
I want to make something by Pushok-12 Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Research Stamp by Luthrai Jumping on the bandwagon by jwaltz :: Love for every OC :: by LuaSentinel
My characters make me cry by TheBadWolf OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares Too Many OC's Stamp by 9-Silver-Shadow-2 Villains Rule VI by renatalmar . i S l e e p . by mistandsparkles
Bad Guys Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman The Silence of the Lambs stamp by 5-3-10-4 A Mary Sue is.... by ZeroGravityCroquet LGBT Stamp by strawberry-hunter Bioshock + Stamp + by CheyenneRalphsPhotos

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Ay also check out Fukari they're pretty awesome too.
ElMarten Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for fav.
DamaiMikaz Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tnx for the fav :la:
candle-earth Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
heyy finally here with my critique! I hope it'll be of use ^^
I won't be repeating anything Jazz-Rhythm already said, but don't worry! I'll still write you a novel :iconheaddeskplz: must learn to write more compactly....

About Tamantha as a character
first impression :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Tamantha comes off to me as a kind and pretty well-rounded character: we got to see her happy (introduction piece), serious (1st task) and more melancholic sides (animal task) in the tasks so far. What I like about her as well is that she seems a pretty average, realistic character, as in, she doesn't appear to have any super powers or super skills, instead she appears to simply have skills she's better at (sense for logic, courage) which got her to get the job she currently has. This makes her a relatable character. I'd be more interested in her if I had more taste for the crime genre, but all the same I'm pretty curious to hear more about her story, because as a character she seems pretty cool ^^

Originality :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
I don't know the crime-genre that well, but I feel like I've seen Tamantha before.. Or at least her character build-up. I'm not sure whether this is necessarily a bad thing, though, as that's one of the things that tends to come hand in hand with creating relatable, realistic characters. I guess the true originality of Tamantha lies currently in the hands of her story and her relationships with others (friends, family, colleagues, crime suspects), and since we don't really know about these things yet, I can't really add anything here. Personally, I wouldn't change Tamantha, I like her the way she is right now :nod: Perhaps in future tasks, if possible, add some other characters (or not if she's a loner lol) :shrug:
Also, I really like her name, Tamantha, it sounds very nice ^^ but for some reason I keep wanting to write Tamatha instead of Tamantha... idk why. but yea if I write her name wrong, now you know why :XD:

About the artworks
first impression :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
Your artworks are nice, what I really like is that all your works are completely finished - they look like you put effort into them and you definitely care about making them look just right. However, they seem to miss a certain 'oomph.' I'll attempt to uncover what could be the root of this in the following paragraphs.

Vision :star::star::star::star::star-half:
The idea behind your works come across very well in all of your images (including this one which I keep mistaking for being an OC-training piece afsfff :XD: ). You seem to have a firm grasp on how to use expressions and colours to ensure your idea comes across to the viewer :nod: One thing's for sure: the vision aspect of your works is tip-top ^^

Originality :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Ok this one was hard to rate, coz for this I'm focusing on the cartoon style. The style has many recognizable elements in them, but the mixture together makes for a unique style. To me her eyes pop out the most, since they're not perfectly round (like these [link] ) or straight (I mean kinda like this [link] ), instead it's kinda both. I've only ever seen ONE other character with eyes similar to Tamantha's. So yeah, what I'm trying to say is, Tamantha has very unique eyes :D which is super cool. ofc that's solely applicable to Tamantha, but still :XD:

What's also interesting is that the style is relatively simple, but there are some complicated patterns in the clothes and carpet for instance, and the hair has a delicate looking lighting style as well. The combination of simplicity versus complexity flows well imo :nod: The fact that some parts of the images (usually foreground) have lineart and other parts (usually background) do not, is also pretty nice, as it helps the viewer focus on the important parts of the image.

Technique :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
You have a relative good grasp on anatomy, but it seems to me it could use some more practice. Your strong points are faces and main body (idk what to call it, torso? chest + stomach? lol). The arms seem proportionally fine as well. the head, hands, feet and long legs are nice stylization points, as in, they seem balanced (not too much, idk how else to say it :XD: )

However, there are a few details that seem a little off to me, and I'm not sure whether they're part of the stylization or not. Personally, I get the feeling they are not meant as stylization details. The one that jumps to mind the first are the joints in the legs. They don't flow well. It looks as though the upper legs are not really attached to the lower legs, since the lower legs are far too thick at the joint area. There doesn't appear to be any popliteal fossa (sorry for the complicated term, idk what else to call it lol; Tamantha's wardrobe shows this very well ) Sometimes it also seems like the lower leg is in front of the upper leg, like there's no knee cap ( ) I mean I think I get where the line going upwards is coming from, but there should be a line going down over the lower leg area for the knee ( [link] ). if this was meant as a stylization detail, I'd say either exaggerate it more, or add a little more knee space, so the transition is less abrupt.

and again, in her wardrobe, idk maybe you rushed the drawings, but she doesn't appear to have an ass. or hips. just a very large.. er.. cut between her legs..... her legs go too far up into her hip area in the first 2 poses (… ), and the placement of her hands show it as well, especially if you compare it to this… (protip: if you're looking up any body parts on google, be sure to add 'healthy' and -rot and -infection /traumatized omg)

finally, the perspective of the backgrounds tend to look a little wonky. it doesn't look to me as though vanishing points have been used, even though the general direction of the lines seem ok. so yea check out these resources for more on vanishing points and perspective [link] [link2] [link3] [link4] [link6 because it's awesome].

also, make sure the lines are straight, not wobbly/hand sketched, that way lines that are supposed to go perpendicular are more likely to do so... for instance in this image , the vertical lines for the window, the wall and the table. Sadly I don't know how to make sure in digital programs that your lines are perpendicular (I mean, a grid won't always work).. I love set triangles... just hold one of those against the screen... /shotforstickingtotraditionaltechniques :XD:

Composition :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
You appear to have a good sense for composition, as there is always enough space to breathe (like nothing's just touching the borders of the image), nothing is cut off weird, and the eye immediately focuses on the subjects of interest ( in this one for instance, I see immediately look at both the cat's face and Tamantha's face ). I don't have much to add to this :)

You can further your skills perhaps by angling the view a little more upwards, as now we often seem to look down at Tamantha (at least I can often see a very large floor). if it's angled more upwards, Tamantha will pop out more, even though we'd see less of her shoes :P
for the wardrobe though, even just placing her a little higher upon the horizon would make her seem more grand :P but in the end, looking down is completely fine (I guess it's just not a preference of mine); you seem to know what you're doing :)

oh and that oomph that I feel is missing? I think it could actually just be the shading/lighting. I know I wasn't going to repeat Jazz-Rhythm, but I'm pretty sure that if the shading/lighting has a little more contrast, your images would pop out so much more :nod:

All in all, you appear to have a relatively good grasp on drawing with a few areas for improvement, while Tamantha as a character is well-rounded, interesting, relatable and realistic - I'm curious to get to know her relationships with others and her story :la:

I hope I explained everything ok, if I explained something stupid, just let me know, I can sometimes be confusing :XD:
sorry for the long text. I hope this critique was helpful! ^^
SeriousSillyness Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ohh my this critique was well worth the wait~ Thank you a butt-ton with all of this. I never would have thought you would go so in depth with it all, it's great! Your feedback was wonderful to read and I'm going take notes on what you said and try to improve my hardest. Thank you again so much~~
Jazz-Rhythm Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, sorry my critique for you is late! But here it is:

You have a very charming and recognizable art style, and I think it's the type of style that would work great for a comic or a children's book. I'm a huge sucker for crime dramas, so naturally I'm drawn to your character Tamantha for her profession. You're good with setting the mood in your pictures with your color choices, though I'd like to see you try different styles of shading that aren't as subtle as they currently are in your drawings. Sometimes the poses for your characters look stiff too, so try giving them more curves and flow. I think with your style of drawing, you can get away with being more loose with your anatomy, so I say experiment! Play around with squeezing and stretching your characters, exaggerate their expressions, give them more energy and life. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should forget about studying anatomy too, but I'm unsure of your grasp of anatomy and realism based on what's in your gallery alone - whatever your skill level is, it never hurts to continue learning the rules of the body, but don't be afraid to break them either.

Hope this was helpful for you - always keep drawing!
SeriousSillyness Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the critique!
I'll differently try out different shading styles as well as play with poses, I really appreciate the honest feed back and I'll be setting goals for myself to improve with them. Thank you again so much! :D
Nakka-Nikki Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hi there! Thanks for the fav! :3
SeriousSillyness Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hello hello hello dear~ and np, your stuff looks super spiffy~~
Nakka-Nikki Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student Filmographer
Why thank you! Your art is pretty super too! X3
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